International Furniture Design Competition

Award selection

The preliminary selection process on the basis of submitted images and the main selection process based on full-scale prototypes is carried out by IFDA competition judges. The applicants whose design proposals are selected for main evaluation will decide, before going into the main selection process, whether they will have full-scale prototypes made by a furniture manufacturer in Asahikawa or will make their own prototypes. If the organizer judges that the prototype cannot be produced by a manufacturer in Asahikawa, the applicant will need to submit their own prototype.
Making the prototypes in Asahikawa
  • The applicants will submit both full-size and detailed plans of the designs. The applicant will be informed of the due date after the preliminary selection.
  • The organizer will bear all costs of making the prototypes in Asahikawa.
  • The applicants will bear correspondence expenses and traveling expenses when they voluntarily visit Asahikawa for discussions on this matter.
Submitting own prototypes
  • Applicants who wish to submit their own prototypes to the main evaluation process can forward their prototypes to the IFDA Organizing Committee for judgment. They will be informed of the date and how to forward the prototypes after the preliminary selection.
  • If the prototype is not received by the deadline, the applicant will be disqualified.
  • Applicants will bear all costs of making and transporting the prototypes to the IFDA Organizing Committee.
Preliminary selection process
  • Date: Mid-December, 2010
  • 35 works will be chosen to proceed to the next stage on the basis of the submitted photos and the product outline given in the application.
  • Applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process by letter or e-mail by the end of December 2010.
Main selection process
  • Date: Mid-March, 2011
  • The judges will examine the 35 full-scale prototypes and select 8 winners and finalists from them.
  • The 35 applicants will be notified of the results of the main selection process by letter or e-mail by the end of March 2011.
Chief Judge: Motomi Kawakami, Designer, Japan
Judges: Naoto Fukasawa, Designer, Japan
  Noritsugu Oda, Professor at Tokai University, Japan
  Nils Holger Moormann, Designer, Germany
  Yeoh-Hang Yoon, Designer and University Professor, Korea
  Minoru Nagahara, Chairman of the IFDA Organizing Committee, Japan
Gold Leaf 1 ¥3,000,000  
Silver Leaf 1 ¥1,000,000  
Bronze Leaf 5 ¥300,000 each
Maple Leaf * 1 ¥1,000,000  
  • * A special prize that will be awarded for the design that makes outstanding use of hard maple as a main material; sponsored by Quebec Wood Export Bureau.
  • Note: Tax is included in the awards.