IFDA2011: Bronze Leaf [ Mygga ]

International Furniture Design Competition

Bronze Leaf

  • The structure of the folding legs is very unique. It is simple yet innovatively interesting. Even though it still has problems in stability and strength as a coffee table, it has the potential to become an excellent product in the future. (Oda)
  • Four wooden poles wedged cleverly together to produce, in a convincingly simple way, an almost sculptural and modest side table, which just happens to speak a new formal language. Most gratifying. (Moormann)
Entry Abstracts

Mygga is a coffee table made with the minimum number of parts and processes, without losing any form or function. Three slats are mounted on a vertical triangular bar using a bolt that also functions as a hinge. The tabletop rests on the end of the slats through a metal stylus. Everything is held together by a wedge through the tabletop. Mygga is very light and can easily be moved around, with the vertical bar serving as a handle.

Three versions of differing heights can be made, and juxtaposing different sizes so that the table tops overlap creates a spectacle of chaotic lines.

Miel Cardinael / 
Sven Goemaere
Miel Cardinael
Sven Goemaere

aM is a Ghent (Belgium) based design studio by Miel cardinael and Sven Goemaere.
They met at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent/Belgium, where they both graduated as interior designers in 1996. Since then they design furniture and interiors.
Keywords: durable, sober, light, inventive, subtle, playful, real
Goal: To create a special and durable bond between their designs and the user.