IFDA2011: Bronze Leaf [ WEAVE ]

International Furniture Design Competition

Bronze Leaf

  • The design could easily be adapted as a chaise lounge or a bench. (Kawakami)
  • The stool is designed with its storage location in mind, and fits neatly into our living space. It has a charm that enhances its surroundings as if it were a sculpture. It has a nice sense of Asian craftwork with a very human touch. (Fukasawa)
Entry Abstracts

The WEAVE stool is made of bamboo. In the past, bamboo was a very convenient material used to make a wide range of daily items, until developments in science say plastic take over the role. Mountain forests have been devastated by the rapid propagation of bamboo in many areas, but its fast growing rate (fully grown in 4-5 years) also makes it an excellent sustainable resource.

My proposal is to bend bamboo strips using a mold, which are then woven into the seat of the stool, and then attached to the simple leg frame made from laminated bamboo material. The identical strips are woven like a “bamboo basket”, and the shape of the seat makes full use of the highly elastic and flexible properties of the bamboo, while maintaining a light feel and look to the stool.

Fumio Enomoto
Fumio Enomoto
Born in 1957
1979 Graduated from Department of Design, Faculty of Design and Fine Arts, Tokyo Zokei University
1979 Research student, Tokyo Zokei University
1980 Started working for Kuramata Design Office
1986 Foundation of Enomoto Fumio Atelier
2002 - Professor at Space and Design Department, Faculty of Humanities, Komazawa Women’s University

2006 Finalist – the 5th Wooden Chairs for Living Exhibition (Japan)
2008 Blonze Leaf Award, IFDA2008
2009 Eco Design Semi-grand prix of culture-section, eco japan cup 2009
2010 Excellent work, JASIS presents School Furniture Design Competition (Japan)
2010 Eco Design Semi-grand prix of culture-section, eco japan cup 2010