IFDA2011: Bronze Leaf [ catena ]

International Furniture Design Competition

Bronze Leaf

  • At first glance this appears to be a normal chair, but the detailing of the solid frame is very unique, the shaping makes the chair look lighter, and the surface composition is refreshingly new.
  • The fresh image looks as if it was created by a single sword strike. There is still room for improvement, such as in the proportions at the back of the chair. (Fukasawa)
Entry Abstracts

The theme of “catena” is to form the surface of the wooden frame with 2 lines that can each be created by a single stroke. Some changes were made to the original design in order to coordinate the lines and create continuity. As a result, the rear legs protrude making them functional for stacking, and the side surfaces of the seat unite harmoniously. This chair blends easily into daily life, with the simple lines providing a true sense of quality craftsmanship. “catena” means, “chain”, as the linked lines form the individual characteristics of the design.

Keisuke Funahashi
Keisuke Funahashi
1975 Born in Nagoya, Japan
1999 Graduated from SD course, School of Art, Nagoya University of Arts
2001 - 2007 Product designer for an office furniture maker
2008 Freelance designer
2009 - Part-time lecturer for product design course, Daido University

2004 Semi-Toyama Design Award, TOYAMA Product Design Competition (Japan)
2004 The top prize, Design Competition Kainan The Final (Japan)