IFDA2011: Bronze Leaf [ FLY-BY-PLY ]

International Furniture Design Competition

Bronze Leaf

  • The original design suggested the use of plywood, yet the prototype is made entirely of solid wood, which is remarkable. The combination of the designer’s sense and quality craftsmanship has made this tremendous piece of art possible. While there are still certain details that need considering, I believe this work could last as an “ecological product” for at least a hundred years. (Nagahara)
Entry Abstracts

This chair is made entirely of molded plywood. All of the joints are connected in smooth curved lines without any gaps. Although the prototype was made of solid wood for production efficiency, the original design was composed of a curved plywood seat, a backrest made of compound-curved plywood of varied thickness, and legs that have wood between the plywood at the corner sections. The combination of molded plywood and finger joints provide elegant style, yet with ample strength and lightness, and are achieved using the minimum amount of materials.

The title was inspired by the name given to the trajectory of a space probe that is caused by gravity-assist, known as “swing-by”. (It is called “Fly-By” in Japanese).

Yoshimitsu Asakura
Yoshimitsu Asakura
Born in 1969
1992 Graduated from Fuculty of Industriarl Design, Kanazawa College of Art
1995 Graduated from Wood Working course, Nagano Prefecture Agematsu Vocational Training School
2003 Started furniture studio asaasa after working for furniture makers.
2008 Finalist, IFDA2008
2010 Changed the title of the studio to Asakura Design