IFDA2011: Bronze Leaf [ Touch Chair ]

International Furniture Design Competition

Bronze Leaf

  • It is very simple and neat from the front, yet decorative from the side and the back. It is also comfortable to sit in, and very lightweight. Its features make me believe the designer has very deep knowledge in chair design. Its strong features do not detract from its beauty. (Fukasawa)
Entry Abstracts

The round components that form the “seat frame and seat back” and the “crosspiece and rear legs” are attached each other, characterizing the design. At the back of the chair, another pair of round parts that are joined in the center are attached to the back legs and back of the frame. This creates both a pleasing aesthetic look as well as providing the necessary strength for the structure.

Yoshiroh Tanabe
Yoshiroh Tanabe
Born in 1965
Graduated from Keio University
Freelance designer after working for makers