IFDA2011: Maple Leaf [ HAKO ]

International Furniture Design Competition

Maple Leaf

  • The use of solid wood instead of plywood gives it a very rich taste, although the outside frame still has room for improvement. (Kawakami)
  • The 6 different units on the shelves provide a wide range of flexibility in selecting which boxes to use and display, even without the outside frame. (Nagahara)
Entry Abstracts

“Boxes in a box.” The boxes inside can be arranged in a variety of ways for use as a bookcase or a display cabinet with ornaments, just like changing pictures in a picture frame. Arranging the position of the boxes changes the appearance of the cabinet, with the removable partitions resembling the flexibility of a Japanese style “bento” lunch box.

Yukihiro Yamaguchi
Yukihiro Yamaguchi
1983 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2007 Graduated from Industrial Design Major, Department of design, Tokyo Zokei University
2007 - Started working for an office furniture maker
2010 Honorable Mention, JASIS presents School Furniture Design Competition (Japan)