International Furniture Design Competition

< We are no longer accepting applications for the IFDA 2011 competition. >

Rules and Condition

Theme: Wooden furniture
  • Works (cabinets, tables, chairs and others) entered must be newly created and previously unpublished. “Unpublished” means that the work has never appeared on the market as a product, has never appeared in a public media source such as a newspaper, magazine, website or exhibition, and has not been selected for a prize in another competition before the organizer announces the results of the main selection process. A work which has appeared in a student exhibition is considered unpublished.
    *Please refrain from entering this competition and other competitions at the same time.
  • Works are considered “wooden” when their major component parts are made of wood.
Any individual, group or business will qualify.
Number of entries
No limit is set on the number of entries from any one applicant.
Registration fee
Registration by Internet   /   ¥5,000  for each entry
Registration by post   /   ¥6,000  for each entry
Copyrights, patents and industrial properties
  • Copyrights, patents, industrial properties and all other related rights for the entered works are reserved by the applicants.
  • As for the works entered in the Final, all rights to the displays, use in official catalogues, and publicity for IFDA 2011 and other related exhibits are reserved by the organizer. The organizer also has priority in negotiating with the applicant when commercializing any works entered in the Final.
Official languages
The official languages to be used during the competition are English and Japanese.
We are no longer accepting applications for the IFDA 2011 competition.
  • All Internet entries will be accepted until midnight Japan Time (GMT+9:00) on Sunday, October 31st, 2010.
  • All entries by post will be accepted until the end of our business hours on Sunday, October 31st, 2010.
Exhibition of Winner’s and Finalist’s Works
  • Date: June 22nd-26th, 2011
  • Place: Asahikawa Science Center “SCI-PAL” Special Exhibition Room (Miyamae-Dori East, Asahikawa)
  • Please note that the exhibition may be held in places other than the above.
Showing Design Submissions to Manufacturers
In order to give market exposure for the entries which are not selected for main evaluation, we will show the photos to furniture manufacturers in and around Asahikawa with the designers’ permission and their rights guaranteed (there will be no exhibition of the photos). Please indicate your preference by checking YES or NO on the application form.
Return of Works
  1. The 8 award-winning works and those works made by manufacturer in Asahikawa shall NOT be returned and will become the property of the IFDA organizing committee.
  2. All forwarded works (except the 8 award-winning works) shall be returned when all exhibitions related to the IFDA 2011 have finished. The organizer will bear all costs of transporting the works back to the applicants.
Entry works that violate the following conditions shall be disqualified. If a violation is discovered after the result of the selection process is announced, the applicant may lose all entry rights to the competition.
  • The entry must not violate the application qualification rules.
  • The entry must not have an identical or highly similar design to any work previously announced to the public. The entry must not violate copyrights, patents and other related rights of other registered products.
  • IFDA Organizing Committee
  • Asahikawa Furniture Industry Cooperative
  • 2-10, Nagayama, Asahikawa, Hokkaido, 079-8412 Japan
  • Tel: 81-166-47-0655
    Fax: 81-166-48-4749