IFDA2011: Silver Leaf [ CIRCLE ]

International Furniture Design Competition

Silver Leaf

  • Although there are many wooden folding chairs that have already been commercialized, the string feature of this chair is a very fresh approach, and gives the chair a closer feeling than that of straightforward hardware. This practical chair has very interesting characteristics, such as its thinness, and the simple structure that enables horizontal stacking simply by lifting the seat. Its design is sculptured, well proportioned and modern, yet refreshingly simple. Further improvements would be to change the string material, and improve the tying method and seat shape. (Kawakami)
  • The chair has an original construction that is very different to the conventional style. There are some points to be improved, including the string material that needs to be less elastic, the strings need to be tied equally at both sides, and the seat shape also needs some improvement. (Oda)
  • A new solution for an ongoing problem – a new kind of folding chair. The construction surprises and delights with skilfully achieved proportions and an almost classical simplicity. The two cords render the chair both aesthetically pleasing and uniquely characteristic. The comfort factor is increased thanks to flexible shaping. This is a successful new interpretation of a classic design. (Moormann)
Entry Abstracts

The minimalist design of cable bridges gave rise to the idea of “Circle”.

The folding chair uses the weight of the person sitting on the chair to constructively transform the force into tension. The four shaped legs and the seat cross each other on one axis, and are held in position simply by two ropes. “Circle” combines traditional furniture structures with a lightweight construction.

Konrad Lohöfener
Konrad Lohöfener
1984 Born in Halle, Germany
2004-2010 Study at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle (Halle, Germany) and Danmarks Designskole (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2010 Graduated from Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle Currently working in a design studio.

2007 Rehau Design Competition, 2nd prize
2008 Stuttgarter Leichtbaupreis 2008